Winter Solstice

We celebrated the beginning of Winter with a huge bonfire with a group of friends. Annette (of Wonderwul) is a friend and fellow Waldorf parent, she and her family host every year at their beautiful cabin. We are grateful to have friends who host such an event and so many people who want to celebrate! We didn’t make it til midnight (we never do…).

Starting a blog before the holiday season wasn’t the best idea but I’m still here! With all three children in school, I thought I’d have more time to do things (like blog) but so far that hasn’t happened. I also work three days a week, so those days are full and the other two days are filled catching up on things I missed out on while working.

A belated Finished-Object-Friday:
Pickles Plain Vest knit in handspun angora (bunny not goat) held together with matching organic O-wool yarn. The free version of the pattern is for a 1 year old, so the bulkiness of two yarns gave me a nice 4T size.  I love this pattern – it is so easy you can make adjustments as you go along.



We have been crafting a little here and there too. 
We used fruit from our tree to make orange pomanders. A simple project for small hands.

Recycled grocery bag gift tags.

Rolled beeswax candles

The last day of school was my last chance to craft without children, so I took advantage! I dyed a few silks in earth colors to use with dollhouse play and nature table scenes – blue for water and/or sky, green for grass and brown for dirt). I found a few undyed silks in my craft closet (perks of being a craft hoarder). I used Wiltons cake dye using this tutorial. The colors are vibrant and exactly what I envisioned, I love it when that happens!


Today I plan to finish these – recycled holiday tablecloths turned into re-usable cloth bags for gifts. I cut a variety of sizes and hope to sew them up today at a Holiday Craft Party at the amazing Manzanita.




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